Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here I Go

Ok, I'm new to the blogging world but it's something I've wanted to do for a long time so here I go with it.  I don't know a lot about setting this up so please bear with my very bare page for the moment because I just wanted to start writing :)  Plus, I know I have one very impatient follower out there lol.  So the purpose of this blog is mostly just accountability for myself while trying to get healthy.  I've never been the healthiest person on earth but the last couple of years it seems that things have really spiraled out of control.  And as much as I love my husband, he is no good at accountability...hence the reason we have both put on a good 50+ pounds  in our almost 6 years of marriage.  And I also have a 2 year old who literally picked every single pea out of his fried rice at lunch on Sunday as though they were poison.  On the rare occasion that he does eat vegetables I feel like the best mom in the whole world because I truly believe he would be satisfied with a diet of nothing but chocolate and french fries if we allowed it.  So...I want to create a change for our family.  I don't just want to lose weight. I want to create habits for my children that will live with them for forever.  It's so easy to just grab something from McDonald's for the boys on the way home from work but I know that's not what's best for them or for me.  So I've got to start planning better.  And I'm already a planner but now I've got to do extra extra planning and cook some meals on the weekends that we can have on the nights I work.  And I need to start planning my exercising.  We have a nice walking trail right in front of our house...it's covered in 11 inches of snow at the moment though.  So for this week I guess exercise videos will have to do.  Next week I have to get my butt out on that trail.  My ultimate plan?  To lose 80 pounds in one year.  That's 1.5 pounds every week which I don't think is too unrealistic. Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to actually tell you what that goal weight is :)

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